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It's been so long since the last contest it's time to do another one! The third MLP-Cosplay contest is here!
This contest is going to be based on expectations of the featured folder but with a theme! All pictures have to revolve around the idea of wrapping up winter :D

What you NEED:
:bulletgreen: have a clear, clean photo.
:bulletgreen: have a tasteful background (no one else in the picture that isn't supposed to be there)
:bulletgreen: have a complete and well put together cosplay!

Those ARE NOT the rules to enter the contest...that is how we will be judging the pictures.
The rules to enter the contest are the same rules used to get into the group. You are able to submit as many pictures as you want in order to win, but keep in mind that all pictures that do not win will be deleted from the folder and you will have to resubmit them to the group on your own, so try to only make it your best stuff!

The contest will start on 2/21/14 and end on 3/21/14, the first day of SPRING! Winners will be posted on 3/25/14

Now for the part every pony wants to hear.........PRIZES!

1st place will get 250pts.
2nd place will get 100pts
3rd place will get 50pts
All winners will get a place in our featured folder!

Good luck~<3 and remember the theme WINTER WRAP UP!!!
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Rules +

MLP:FIM Logo by Vocaloid-03
FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-MooreFREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-MooreFREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore
Journal - divider star by Aki-KyriePLEASE READ BEFORE YOU APPLY!Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieRemember to submit to the correct folder. This helps the STAFF out quite a bit ^_^Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieAbsolutely no deviations with explicit/mature content (this is My Little Pony people)Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie


Limits on pictures includes: 
:bulletred: Explicit/mature material
:bulletred: work in progress
:bulletred: self taken pictures (MySpace shots)
:bulletred: blurry or out of character shots
:bulletred: pictures you had nothing to do with (not a cosplayer, designer, or photographer)
:bulletred: all of your cosplay pictures ever! (we only need one or two of each, thank you ^_^)
:bulletred: the cosplay alone (just the pieces, no model)
:bulletred: shots that may be too close to tell WHO you are cosplaying,
for instance, :iconlydiaengle: is a vinyl scratch cosplay, however, you cannot tell because it is too close.
for most pony cosplays this will be applied even if your entire face, even shoulders are included, it is simply too difficult to tell who you are.

:bulletyellow: 1 or 2 multiples of the same cosplay
:bulletyellow: questionable cosplay (possibly a tad revealing)

:bulletgreen: convention shoots
:bulletgreen: completed cosplay
:bulletgreen: your best work
:bulletgreen: clear and tasteful pictures
:bulletgreen: pictures you've taken
:bulletgreen: cosplay you've worn
:bulletgreen: cosplay you have made

Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie(:bulletred:= no, no questions asked. :bulletyellow:= discretion of administration. :bulletgreen: = it's a-ok ^_^)Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie


Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieAll cosplays that you submit must be:
Made by
Worn by
Or have the picture taken by
YOUJournal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

Please have all cosplayers in the picture given credit in the description, and be sure to include the photographer and who made the cosplay* 
(*if it was not made by whomever is wearing it)


Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieHOW TO CONDUCT YOURSELF WHILE IN THIS GROUP!Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

:bulletred: flame others cosplay, photography, props, ideas, opinions.
:bulletred: start arguments about anything (even who is best pony(
:bulletred: compare two cosplayers negatively (one is not better than the other people)

:bulletgreen: give constructive feedback on ways to improves ones cosplay, or photography
:bulletgreen: compare two cosplayers positively (what they have in common, making them each good cosplayers.)
:bulletgreen: talk about cosplay and conventions in general


Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieHOW TO GET INTO FEATUREDJournal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie
:bulletgreen: High Resolution pictures
:bulletgreen: Complete and High quality cosplay
:bulletgreen: Pleasing and fitting scenery
:bulletgreen: wear make-up (it can take a lot to look perfect)
:bulletyellow: if they are convention shots must be tasteful, in an area without visual background noise
:bulletyellow: multishots (you CAN win a contest with one, we usually dislike them though, try to stick to a single shot)
:bulletred: Selfies
:bulletred: Dingy photos (the contrast is bad)
:bulletred: con/public shots

The featured folder is only the best of the best of MLP cosplay, and in order to get in you must meet the near impossible standards...but I assure is possible.
FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-MooreFREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-MooreFREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore
Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieFEATURED COSPLAYERSJournal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie
This section is to display the winners of contests past, but only the first prize winner will hold a permanent place here.
First Contest Winners:
First placePinkuArt

Second Contest Winners:

FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-MooreFREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-MooreFREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore












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SilverStarApple Featured By Owner Edited Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How can a man do pony cosplay of his favourite female pony?

EDIT: To specify: I am a man who wishes to do cosplay of his favourite female pony. But in a non-crossdress-ish way. Maybe cosplaying as the rule 63'd version?
descaiger Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
I am looking for a friend with whom to talk about cosplay ^^
AdamMasterArt Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
would you mind making an "OC" folder?
Lilium666 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Professional Artist
and here I thought I already had....huh...I will have that up in a day or so...I would right now, but D&D wont allow me to do more than glance at a few comments now and then ^_^
YamiNoCosmos Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hiya! I submitted my Fluttershy SHED.MOV cosplay but I think I added some pics to the twilight album instead. :( 
I'm so sorry you guys. T_T
Maybe you can fix that for me? 

Here is my entire Gallery on my DA:…

♥ <3 ♥
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