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So sorry I've kinda been floating around and trying to make sure I get to submissions but work has been killing me >.> Also no one seems to be very involved.....only 1 submission on the last event! D: I'd like to try the Winter Wrap Up Contest again but I need an idea of who is interested.

Comment here ya or nay and your vote decides! I'll give everyone until the Valentine's Day <3
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Gallery Folders

At the Gala by Flying-Fox
Tonight at the Gala by Yuichan90
MLP at the Gala by Serebii42
The Unicorn Family VI by scentless-flower
Human Twilight Sparkle Cosplay by RibbonBellpony
Twilight Sparkle from Crystal Prep by sabrina200415
Three Twilights by sabrina200415
Magical Twilight Cosplay - AFest 2012 by peony-lang
wondercon 2016 - steampunk rainbow dash by antshadow13
Relaxing by Shadeila
Just hanging by Shadeila
Swag by Shadeila
Alicorn Rarity by SleepingKumaPix
Princess Leia Rarity - Bronies-NYC May 2015 by KarRedRoses
Stripes For Days by Liyuku
All dressed up with nowhere to go by QueenBloo
Pinkamena Diane Pie Cosplay by Shadeila
Hey silly ! by EeLyne
Go Wondercolts ! by EeLyne
Pinkie Pie by Chastten
MLP - Here to Help The Pony Folk by MadameTerraLupus
Apple Jack by Kawaielli
MLP - Wagon Ridin' by MadameTerraLupus
wondercon 2016 - fluttershy by antshadow13
Fluttershy Lolita cosplay by AlicornLover
Fluttershy - A beautiful day by YumiPi
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Fluttershy by TineMarieRiis
Cutie Mark Crusaiders
Apple Bloom by meanlilkitty
CMC by Yuichan90
Apple Bloom: Determined to find my cutie mark! by Britiniplz
SWEETIE BELLE smooch by dashcosplay
Human Spike Cosplay by sliferbenten
Spike the Baby Dragon by nessabutterfly
Spike 004 by NormalBastard
Spike 001 by NormalBastard
Royalty And Villains
wondercon 2016 - princess luna and celestia by antshadow13
wondercon 2016 - shining armor and cadence by antshadow13
Princess Celestia Loves You by AlicornLover
Autumn by Aster-Hime
2 Ponies
Rarity and Fluttershy by Chastten
Group pictures
Equestria girls 2 by RobinYume
Background Minor Characters
Lemon Zest Cosplay by RibbonBellpony
Apple Family
Springtime apple blossoms at Sweet Apple Acres by Rose0fMay
Winter Wrap Up Contest
The New Mane 7? Feat. Step2Harmony by AdamMasterArt
How To's
MLP Tails June Sale by RebelATS
Grand Galloping Gala
Off to the Grand Galloping Gala by rosieru-chan
Convention features
Ka-Chow by Flying-Fox

Rules +

MLP:FIM Logo by Vocaloid-03
FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore
Journal - divider star by Aki-KyriePLEASE READ BEFORE YOU APPLY! Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieRemember to submit to the correct folder. This helps the STAFF out quite a bit ^_^ Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieAbsolutely no deviations with explicit/mature content (this is My Little Pony people) Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie


Limits on pictures includes: 
:bulletred: Explicit/mature material
:bulletred: work in progress
:bulletred: self taken pictures (MySpace shots)
:bulletred: blurry or out of character shots
:bulletred: pictures you had nothing to do with (not a cosplayer, designer, or photographer)
:bulletred: all of your cosplay pictures ever! (we only need one or two of each, thank you ^_^)
:bulletred: the cosplay alone (just the pieces, no model)
:bulletred: shots that may be too close to tell WHO you are cosplaying,
for instance, :iconlydiaengle: is a vinyl scratch cosplay, however, you cannot tell because it is too close.
for most pony cosplays this will be applied even if your entire face, even shoulders are included, it is simply too difficult to tell who you are.

:bulletyellow: 1 or 2 multiples of the same cosplay
:bulletyellow: questionable cosplay (possibly a tad revealing)

:bulletgreen: convention shoots
:bulletgreen: completed cosplay
:bulletgreen: your best work
:bulletgreen: clear and tasteful pictures
:bulletgreen: pictures you've taken
:bulletgreen: cosplay you've worn
:bulletgreen: cosplay you have made

Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie(:bulletred:= no, no questions asked. :bulletyellow:= discretion of administration. :bulletgreen: = it's a-ok ^_^) Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie


Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieAll cosplays that you submit must be:
Made by
Worn by
Or have the picture taken by
YOU Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

Please have all cosplayers in the picture given credit in the description, and be sure to include the photographer and who made the cosplay* 
(*if it was not made by whomever is wearing it)


Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieHOW TO CONDUCT YOURSELF WHILE IN THIS GROUP! Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

:bulletred: flame others cosplay, photography, props, ideas, opinions.
:bulletred: start arguments about anything (even who is best pony(
:bulletred: compare two cosplayers negatively (one is not better than the other people)

:bulletgreen: give constructive feedback on ways to improves ones cosplay, or photography
:bulletgreen: compare two cosplayers positively (what they have in common, making them each good cosplayers.)
:bulletgreen: talk about cosplay and conventions in general


Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieHOW TO GET INTO FEATURED Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie
:bulletgreen: High Resolution pictures
:bulletgreen: Complete and High quality cosplay
:bulletgreen: Pleasing and fitting scenery
:bulletgreen: wear make-up (it can take a lot to look perfect)
:bulletyellow: if they are convention shots must be tasteful, in an area without visual background noise
:bulletyellow: multishots (you CAN win a contest with one, we usually dislike them though, try to stick to a single shot)
:bulletred: Selfies
:bulletred: Dingy photos (the contrast is bad)
:bulletred: con/public shots

The featured folder is only the best of the best of MLP cosplay, and in order to get in you must meet the near impossible standards...but I assure is possible.
FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore
Journal - divider star by Aki-KyrieFEATURED COSPLAYERS Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie
This section is to display the winners of contests past, but only the first prize winner will hold a permanent place here.
First Contest Winners:
First placePinkuArt

Second Contest Winners:

FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore












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AlicornLover Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I know we're not the greatest cosplayers on earth but we've won awards locally for 2 years in a row, so I'm kinda wondering why our pics keep getting snubbed. Do I need to put them in the "conventions" folder instead?
musiclover4 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so sorry it wasn't that they were being rejected. I haven't been able to get dA much and the submissions would expire
AlicornLover Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay thanks! I thought maybe it was the wrong folder or something.
tmntfan1995 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I'll be there as takanuva from biomicle g1
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